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2023 Q1 IMAGE Awards Winner

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  • May 16, 2023
Jamey Bauman MAKERS IMAGE AWARD Q1 2023


The 2023 Q1 Indigo Signs IMAGE Awards winner was Jamey Bauman, who was nominated for one of our core values

MAKERS: We are craftsmen who focus on custom solutions for our customers.

Jamey leads the charge as the Graphics Production Manager for Indigo Signs and is based out of our Fargo location. He is a "sign guy" through and through, with 30 years of experience in the industry! His expertise and passion make him an invaluable asset to the Indigo Signs Team.

Nomination submission from a fellow Indigo Signs peer: 

"This individual deserves praise and recognition as a true Maker within our industry. Not only does their tenure within the custom sign industry deserve honors, but their willingness and ability to manage our production challenges put them in a category that few can match. This person hits the road every day while most of us are still sleeping and travels a daily 2-hour round-trip commute. They are here before most of us arrive and are often one of the last to leave. They handle, with grace, hundreds of work orders weekly, ensuring they are understood and distributed correctly throughout our production facilities. Recently, they assisted me with a client's "emergency timeline" relating to Casey's General Store. Casey's has turned to Indigo Signs for a more involved level of production and installation on unique acquisition sites. This means face replacements, post and panel signs, channel letter "backer materials," etc. Indigo was asked to design, manufacture, and install a number of these components within a timeframe that didn't align with our standard production schedule at the time. They did a great job shoehorning these parts and pieces into our schedule to ensure the customer's timelines were met and did it with understanding and professionalism. Working with them on these challenges is and always has been fantastic. They are a true Maker."

When we asked Jamey to explain why MAKERS is an important cultural value, he stated, "The MAKERS culture value is important because it lets us be as creative and flexible as we can be to meet our customers' wishes, needs, and deadlines."

Congratulations to Jamey for winning the Makers IMAGE Award for Q1 2023!

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