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2023 Q2 IMAGE Awards Winner

  • 3 min
  • December 21, 2023
Scott Williams Action IMAGE Awards Winner posing with custom mug


The 2023 Q2 Indigo Signs IMAGE Awards winner was Scott Williams, who was nominated for one of our core values

ACTION: Our default is the get things done.

Scott, also known as Scooter, is our seasoned Estimator at the Fargo office. With 27 years of experience in the sign industry, he's worn many hats along the way. Scott started with Indigo Signs in 2004 as an Installer, then shifted to the Production Department as a Fabricator, and now excels in his current role as an Estimator. Scott's diverse experience across various aspects of the industry has endowed him with a thorough grasp of sign creation, spanning from hands-on installation to intricate fabrication processes. This extensive background uniquely positions Scott to deliver insightful and precise estimations, solidifying his role as an invaluable asset to our team at Indigo Signs.

Nomination submission from a fellow Indigo Signs peer: "With remarkable efficiency, when the installation crew was working on a job site in Sioux Falls, SD, the customer suddenly realized that they had expected a sign at a height of 23' OAH instead of 15'. Recognizing the need for immediate assistance, I reached out to this individual to explore our available options for foundation and steel engineering requirements. They swiftly sprang into action and presented me with two viable solutions: a new steel direct bury and anchor bolt foundation, both engineered for a 23' OAH. Fortunately, the first option could be implemented while sourcing new steel locally, eliminating the need for a costly return trip. Thanks to their swift response and innovative thinking, we were able to complete the job as planned, adhering to the original schedule. Their invaluable contribution not only saved us from potential setbacks but also ensured that the project was executed seamlessly and within the expected timeframe."

Congratulations to Scott for winning the Action IMAGE Award for Q2 2023!

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